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Learning to swimSwim Lessons

Preschool Swim Lessons

Ages 3-5
There is no better place to learn to swim than at the YMCA–often referred to as “America’s Favorite Swim Instructor”! These swim lessons teach children valuable life skills, including personal safety, personal growth, stroke development, rescue, and water sports and games. YMCA swim lessons focus on positive values in a fun and caring atmosphere, and these swim lessons teach basic skills progressing through four levels: Pike, Eel, Ray, Starfish.
$51 for members / $96 for non-members

Youth Swim Lessons

Ages 6 & up
Swimming builds lifelong interest in swimming and develops the whole person: spirit, mind, and body. Each skill level builds upon the preceding level, with 6 levels total: Polliwog, Guppy, Minnow, Fish, Flying Fish, and Shark. Trained instructors emphasize personal safety, swimming skills, endurance, and social skills, while guiding
students with praise and encouragement.
$51 for members / $96 for non-members

Private Swim Lessons

Semi-Private & Private swim lessons are for children of all ages, at any ability level. Enjoy learning with others, or take one-on-one lessons to work at your own pace. Once you learn to swim, you’ll never feel unsafe around water!
$33 per 1/2 hour lesson or $149 for a pack of 5 for members
$66 per 1/2 hour lesson or $249 for a pack of 5 for non-members

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