YMCA Camp Chase

Day Camp

Your child will get off the bus at our wonderful property and participate in activities throughout the day.

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Outdoor Center

YMCA Camp Chase Outdoor Center has something for everyone! If you are a member of any branch of the YMCA of Greater Hartford, YMCA Camp Chase is included with your membership!

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Upcoming Events

From family nights to community events to volunteer weekends, there’s always something happening at Camp Chase!

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Camp Review

“Through the ups and downs as a kid I had my camp friends and now as an adult I have my fellow staff members. Camp has been a large reason for my decision to study education in college.”

Camp Review

“Camp is home to my daughter in the summer. She has learned so much, from improving her swimming abilities to learning compassion for others. Thank you YMCA for teaching my child an amazing summer experience.”

Camp Review

“My daughter loves camp! She especially enjoys the pool, and having fun in swimming lessons. Definitely will be returning next summer (this is her first year at Camp Chase)”

Camp Review

“When I registered my children as campers over 8 years ago, I never imagined that Camp Chase would become such a large part of our lives. They’ve had memorable enjoyable summers, and gained many new friends they would never have met.”

Recent Blog Posts

  • Unsolicited POSITIVE Feedback

    Posted by Camp Chase on Jul 31, 2015 in Blog

    Hi Michael – It’s probably not often you get unsolicited POSITIVE feedback…  so brace yourself.  Ha…  LOL.  I honestly want to tell you how thrilled my husband and I have been with the program you have established at Camp Chase.  It is wonderful how much you (and all the staff members) genuinely care about each and every child there.  As parents, it makes our difficult task of letting our kids be in someone else’s care so much easier.  From the attention you give to simple (but so important) things like making sure the kids reapply their sunscreen and drink enough… More→

  • Pat’s Update from Summer 2014

    Posted by Camp Chase on Jul 6, 2015 in Blog

    Hello Camp Chase!! How are you all doing!? Since I have come back to Barcelona, my life has changed completely. I will be graduated in a few weeks as a CHEMISTRY. That’s the reason why I couldn’t come back to camp this summer. However, thanks to my experience acquired at Camp, I got a new job this year: i’m an english teacher! Well, last summer I lost a lot of moments with my brother, so now I use the time to go everywhere with him. As you can see, he compete in cross country races. That’s the reason why last… More→

  • Gizem is missing Camp.

    Posted by Camp Chase on Jun 30, 2015 in Blog

    Last summer we had three AMAZING staff come to spend the summer with us. We wanted to have them update you on what has happened in the past year. Our First update is from Gizem… I graduated from university and now I am officially an English teacher who cannot wait to be with amazing children! I am with a group of 7 children for a nature camp. My international sister Pat whom I met at camp Chase last summer is coming to Turkey on August, 10th! I have been talking with my A…merican family and I cannot wait to see… More→

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