YMCA Camp Chase

Gizem is missing Camp.

Last summer we had three AMAZING staff come to spend the summer with us. We wanted to have them update you on what has happened in the past year. Our First update is from Gizem…

I graduated from university and now I am officially an English teacher who cannot wait to be with amazing children! I am with a group of 7 children for a nature camp. My international sister Pat whom I met at camp Chase last summer is coming to Turkey on August, 10th! I have been talking with my American family and I cannot wait to see them again on September!!

My life has changed since last summer and I am so glad for that change! I thank you all to be a part of this change with your help; consciously or unconsciously! You all made me realize that; my hometown is the Earth and my garden is the sky!

We miss you ssssooooo much and remember, we only expect great things from you – Michael

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