YMCA Camp Chase

Pat’s Update from Summer 2014

Hello Camp Chase!! How are you all doing!?

Since I have come back to Barcelona, my life has changed completely. I will be graduated in a few weeks as a CHEMISTRY. That’s the reason why I couldn’t come back to camp this summer. However, thanks to my experience acquired at Camp, I got a new job this year: i’m an english teacher!

Well, last summer I lost a lot of moments with my brother, so now I use the time to go everywhere with him. As you can see, he compete in cross country races. That’s the reason why last month I made my introduction to mountain biking.

Moreover, in September I will be beginning an education master for being a chemistry teacher 😀

I would like to come back next summer! I will do my best for making it possible. The last days at Camp I realized how much I was going to lose and win at the same time. I won amazing moments and experiences that I won’t be able to forget. I lose people around me that make my experience unforgetable, but luckily they steel here next to me even we are hundred of miles away. At Camp Chase I had learnt that you should always be who you really are, no matter what, no matter where. I met hundred of kids and also, I have met amazing people like all the staff at Camp and my host family.

I’m so happy to say that I’m in contact with my family, my friends and a lot of kids from Camp!! The best part of everything is that I met with Andy Shepard in Barcelona one month ago!! And I will travel to Turkey for two weeks to visit Gizem!! Rachel Mariann will come to visit me next summer, and hopefully Kyle Saraceno too 🙂 It is awesome to be in contact with most of you.

Well, that’s a little bit of me. Thank you for everything and for giving me the opportunity to be part of Camp Chase.

All of you will be always in my heart and I hope I will see you all soon.


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