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Camp Chase Opening Day Change

Due to snow day closings, Camp Chase has made a decision to not open until Wednesday, June 20th. Families will be pro-rated for the first week of camp and notified via email of what buses will be running the first week. We are looking into a day by date rate for Monday and Tuesday; but this will be released on April 16th.

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Story and a Movie

Looking for a FREE family night! Join Jeff for Movie and a Story. We will be reading Horton Hears a Who and then watching it on the big screen. Bring your sleeping bags, chairs, and snacks! March 23rd, 2018 6:00pm at the Farmington Valley YMCA in Granby.

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31 Days

Camp Chase has a HUGE announcements being unveiled in 31 days! Clues to what it is are being posted on Facebook weekly!

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Camp Brochure

The 2018 Summer Camp Brochure has been finalized and will be in your mailboxes by the end of the month. Check out some of the awesome new programs being offered, especially the two week basketball program and one week soccer academy.    

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Looking Forward to the 2018 Season

It’s December here at camp and although the days are cold and camp is months away we are hard at work preparing for the upcoming season.  There are many things to look forward to at camp this year.  First and foremost we are pioneering a few new and exciting specialty camps.  These specialty camps will include exciting new options such as sports and even a ranch camp.  The addition of these programs are going to greatly add to the diversity of experiences we can offer the modern camper.  To learn more about these opportunities check out our SPECIALTY CAMP PAGES.   Looking forward to 2018 we have also reconfigured several of our bus routes in an effort to make them more convenient for parent drop off and pick up.  For more information on our bus routes check out our BUS PAGE.   Check back  to our web page and Facebook page often for the most up to date happenings at camp! -The YMCA Camp Chase Leadership...

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Unsolicited POSITIVE Feedback

Hi Michael – It’s probably not often you get unsolicited POSITIVE feedback…  so brace yourself.  Ha…  LOL.  I honestly want to tell you how thrilled my husband and I have been with the program you have established at Camp Chase.  It is wonderful how much you (and all the staff members) genuinely care about each and every child there.  As parents, it makes our difficult task of letting our kids be in someone else’s care so much easier.  From the attention you give to simple (but so important) things like making sure the kids reapply their sunscreen and drink enough water throughout the day…  to the phone calls that come out during the week from the counselors just to “check-in” with us to see how our kids are feeling about their camp experience…   it has just been wonderful. I also wanted to point out how impressed I am with the policies you have established surrounding bus pick-up and drop-off.  I absolutely love the fact that no child is allowed to board the bus until a parent’s signature is officially on that piece of paper.  And that no child would EVER be dropped off without an authorized person there to physically pick them up.  I will tell you that at the bus route (Bus D – Cigna), there is another camp bus that also picks-up/drops-off.  I cannot tell you how many times they have just let a child off the bus without a parent there yet to greet them.  Myself and one of the other Camp Chase moms always watches to make sure she makes it into the Cigna lobby to wait for Dad, and doesn’t wander somewhere she shouldn’t be.  We always talk about how thrilled we are with our bus driver and counselors…  knowing that if we were ever running late for some reason, we do not need to worry about our child being left alone like that! So, to sum all that up (sorry to be so wordy!)…   we think you, and the entire Camp Chase staff, are AWESOME!!!   She loves her time there and we can’t thank you enough.  She will actually be at the FV YMCA camp for the next couple of weeks, and then you’ll see her back at Camp Chase for one more week before school starts up again.  (Can’t believe that is fast approaching!). Thanks again Michael and have a wonderful rest of your summer!...

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