YMCA Camp Chase


Updates and Memos from YMCA Camp Chase on our COVID-19 response:

New Family Center Policies:

New Camp Policies:

Pick Up Name Tags

To make your own pick up name tag at home, select the age group of your camper (that they will be entering in the fall) and print it at home. Print using a color printer or select the black and white format tag. Note: Campers in the Pre-K groups will not need a name tag if they are being picked up after the half day program.

Group Sizes and Separation:

  • Per the Office of Early Child Care; camp groups will be 1 counselor for up to 10 campers. Preschool (Eggs) and Kindergartners (Fawns) will still maintain a 1 counselor for 6 campers ratio.
  • From the moment a camper steps on camp, they will be with their assigned group for the duration of their day. Unfortunately, campers will not be able to interact with any campers not in their groups.

Will my camper take part in assemblies and large group games?

  • In order to maintain social distancing between groups all large group games have been put on pause. Campers will not be able to interact with any campers not in their groups. Opening and closing assemblies will take place in Unit areas maintaining appropriate group separation.

Does my camper need to wear a mask?

  • No, your camper does not need to wear a mask while at camp but will while on bus transportation. Every camper will be provided one buff from the camp on their first day for the summer. We recommend that your camper writes their name in the buff and keeps it in a zip lock bag in their backpack.
  • All summer camp staff will need to be wearing mask.

Family Night/ Overnights/ Field Trips:

  • For the summer of 2020, all family nights, overnights, and field trips have been cancelled.

Morning Drop-Off Procedure Video:

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