YMCA Camp Chase


Scientific explorationOn average, kids lose 2 ½ months of reading and math skills over the summer. At the Y, we know we can make a difference in preventing summer learning loss. Kids who attend camp over the summer do not experience that same degree of learning loss and in many cases, make gains. One approach takes kids through theme weeks. The kids lead activities and discuss how to solve problems. Then they design a pathway to get the results they want. Think of it as driving a car… the staff is in control of the gas and breaks but the kids are steering down the road. They are in control of where we go.

The YMCA is locked on to a new style of exploration in their youth programs called Project Based Learning (PBL). PBL will give a central focus or question to the kids and lead activities around those questions. You will see the themes below are questions and we hope that by the end of the week the kids will come up with the answers…and maybe even more questions.

Weekly Themes

Week 1: Sports Galore

Week 2: Planet Earth (Going Green)

Week 3: Stars and Stripes

Week 4: Summer Olympics (Color Games)

Week 5: Dr. Seuss

Week 6: Oceanic Adventure

Week 7: Music Mania (All Camp Show)

Week 8: Everyday Heroes

Week 9: Creative Campers

Week 10: Wild Wild West

YMCA Camp Chase Wacky Wednesday Themes

Wacky Wednesday

In honor of Camp Chase tradition, each camper is encouraged to participate in this years wacky Wednesday dress-up festivities. We ask that parents do not purchase anything for these costumes but rather encompass the inner creativity of the family.


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