YMCA Camp Chase


Stories from 2018:

My name is Ryan Cleary and I am the principal of Morley Elementary School in West Hartford.  I would like to thank you for some support that you have given 2 of our students this summer.  One of my teachers is also an employee of yours, Matt Downey.  He connected two of our students, Hope and Daniel, with Camp Chase for this summer.  I spoke with Matt recently and he explained to me what the kids had been up to.  I cannot even begin to tell you what these summer experiences likely meant for these 2 students, and I cannot thank you enough for everything you did to help make that happen.  In particular for Daniel, who needed financial assistance.  You have provided him with an experience and memories that will likely make a big difference in who he grows up to be.  THANK YOU!

 Another positive influence on who these students grow up to be is Matt.  For whatever its worth, and I am sure you know this, Matt is a very talented person.  He is an excellent teacher for us here at Morley, and if he is just half the camp employee that is he a teacher I am sure that you are thrilled to have him as well. 

 -Mr. Cleary


Thank you for all you do each every day. Julia learned to swim this summer, thank to you! – Campers parents!


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