YMCA Camp Chase


An Alumni’s Story:

“I began attending camp in the early 2000’s after having been a participant of YMCA School Age Child Care Programs in my elementary school.  To this day my favorite memory from my 17 summers at camp is from my very first day as a camper.  I rode Bus B from the Wheeler YMCA to and from camp.  The first time I was dropped off at the bus stop I was very nervous to say the least.  That spring my family and I had attended the annual open house and met the director.  These experiences had done little to calm my nerves going in to my first day.  As I stepped on to the bus the only thing I could see was a sea of new faces that intensified my original apprehension to attending camp.  The bus was seemingly filled to the brim with excited campers ready for a day filled with swimming, singing and sweating.  I walked down the center isle of the bus and settled in to the first open seat I could find.  As all of the campers arrived and the bus was set to depart for camp a counselor sat down next to me.  I remember him asking me questions about my little league hat and we proceeded to talk about our favorite baseball teams and players for what seemed like the entire ride to camp.  This simple exchange had instantly calmed my nerves and melted away any apprehension I had to attending camp.  I may not have known it at the time but, this was a very important first impression of camp. Camp has greatly shaped the person I am today and even my college major and career path.  This counselor may never know the positive impact he has had on my life and many of my fellow campers.  To this day some of my closest friends are ones that I’ve met through camp.  I will never trade my camp experience for anything.  I truly hope as a former counselor I was able to have had a positive impact on my campers and provide them with memories that last a lifetime.”


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